Indian Pacific ELSEA PE 5 Offshore Spinning Rod



The ELSEA series are built using high-quality blanks and Fuji componentry. These rods have been designed to suit the beginner, intermediate or expert angler.

The IPE-5S is the heavier of the two models available. It features a fast taper tip for working stick baits in the 40-100g class. It will work stick baits effortlessly and has massive down-low power to turn stubborn predators and comfortably lift a fish once it goes deep.

These rods have performed extremely well during testing and are highly recommended.

Length: 7’4″ (224cm)

Action: Fast

Weight: 325g

Line Weight: Max PE #5

Cast Weight: 40-100g (ASWB SS-65 matched)

Sections: 2 piece Butt Join

Packed Length: 166cm

Butt Length: 66cm