SS-120 Slow Sinking

ASWB lures are renowned for their unique designs, excellent finish, durability and effectiveness. All ASWB lures are hand crafted, Australian designs, computer modelled and saltwater tested to make sure every lure will swim perfectly every time. Stainless steel components and 350lb belly swivels top off the package.

The SS-120 is a slow-sinking model perfect for rougher water conditions. The extra weight of the sinking version helps with casting into a headwind. It’s a super easy lure to get the best out of; a steady sweep of your rod creates a seductive subtle body roll, perfect for enticing bites from larger, more cagey predators like GT, Spanish mackerel or giant kingfish and tuna.

Type: Slow Sinking Stickbait

Length: 225mm

Weight: 120g

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